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Was the beautiful unfolding in alignment with Bear’s walk of life, and is one of his contributions to the human family. Being a child at the age of four he started conscious dreaming, getting visions, and for the following two decades, he was very strongly connected with his ancestral and astral Guides. Lots of wisdom was unveiled in him in these times, especially of the Creation of Life, the Kosmic Alliances, and its impact on humanity.

For the last 30 years, Bear has been traveling the entire Globe with the main focus of connecting First-Nation Wisdom Keepers, Medicine Man and Woman, Healers, Sages and knowledgeable people to share his and listen to their wisdom. Particularly he was interested in Spirituality, Health and natural medicines.

Thus many summers he has been staying, sharing and learning with the Blackfeet Indians in Montana/USA. Bear has been in many ceremonies and rituals with the Mamo High-Priests of the Arhuaco/Kogi tribe of the Sierra Nevada de Sta. Marta in Columbia. He is very closely cooperating with Mongolian and Siberian Shamans, Toltec and Native American Medicine People and Priests of the Mayas in the sacred places of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Calling of the Entity

In 2007 the entity of the mushroom “called” upon Bear: In this period he received information, very emphatically, that far in the north there is a particular healing mushroom, growing on the birch tree, and that he needs to assist this therapeutically highly relevant mushroom and it’s healing frequency to be distributed in it’s purest and highest form from the depts of the Taiga forest to the people of the world.

The Unfolding

Ultimate Super Extract

Collecting all information, Bear tuned into the field very profoundly in the following years: energetically, metaphysically, scientifically, and last but not least physically, by visiting several times the vast wilderness of the Siberian Taiga.

The result after many years of alignment and study in all areas, is the Ultimate-Super Extract of Chaga and Chaga + Mumijo, containing a programmed Crystal and encoded and energised with the latest in breakthrough Quantum physics by Divine-Tools, a truly unique product on the Planet!

Several times Bear travels to Siberia to supervise the harvest, control the quality and processes in the laboratory.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain a query, do not hesitate to contact Bear personally at any time.

Good feelings,

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