Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Bear’s Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract superior to all other available Chaga products?

There are three main aspects that make Bear's Chaga products unique:

First of all, because Bearmedicine Ultimate-Super-Extract reaches unique therapeutically relevant numbers: A Chromogenic-Complex (Chromogenes) of 60%, Polysaccharide of 35% and Beta-Glucans of >33%, and this is the highest amount worldwide!

The second thing is, that we harvest very consciously and only by hand, in the vast unspoiled wilderness of the Siberian Taiga for the Chaga and the high caves of the sacred Altai mountains for the Mumijo, and thus we get by far the best cleanest and uncontaminated raw material available on the planet. By then applying only the most advanced technologies of processing gives us a product, truly outstanding in the world of herbal remedies and superfoods.

Thirdly, because very exclusively worldwide, I do work with my Chaga products with very beneficial healing frequencies. There is a rock or amethyst crystal in all my products with programmed healing energies, and in a second step we specially encode and energise the labels with the breakthrough technology of This is the reason why on top of the physical health benefits, many of my clients report beautiful methaphyscial experiences when taking my Chaga.

And even cost-wise my U-S-E turns out to be more efficient at a closer look: The amount of servings of my product is around 3-4 times higher than ordinary Chaga powder (let alone looking into the multiple higher number of accessibility of beneficial healing components... which actually is the only thing that matters 😉

2. What is Bear’s Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract (U-S-E)?

The Ultimate-Super-Extract is a multiple highly concentrated powder, proceeded in many steps and finally undergoes a complex freeze-dry extraction. Only this extracted Super-Powder is saturated with the highest amount of antioxidants accessible in Chaga and is a very powerful health promoting dietary supplement. Bearmedicine uses no chemicals in manufacturing of it’s Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract.

3. What is better of the 4 Chaga-product qualities?

Bear’s Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract (U-S-E) accesses 100% of the available therapeutical relevant components, on the other hand a normal Chaga Extract (spray dry), mainly produced of artificially (labeled as “organic Chaga”) primarily grown in China and Canada, allows less none to <30% access to the valuable ingredients. Chaga tea (ground Chaga powder or chunks) however in this comparison is not even worth talking about, simply ground and boiled as a tea it doesn’t even exceed 15%.

Now a very important question may arise:

How come if in the old days the people only had the knowledge and possibility of cooking a piece of Chaga, it was so beneficial for their health? And does that mean that if they could access only 10% of the beneficial components, whereas today with the U-S-E we access 100%, we do 10 times better?

The answer is simply: Human evolution in all fields! In the old days, to access of 10% only was more than enough to benefit human wellbeing. With the world the human race created the last thousands of years and with all it’s aspects of a non supporting surrounding for human health… we fortunately also created a sophisticated technology to make full use of what Mother Nature offers at our disposal.

4. What is Chaga tea?

Chaga tea is a dried and simply ground Chaga mushroom. When infused correctly the tea acquires pleasant taste and some health-supporting properties. However, the concentration of biologically active substances in this drink is not significant!

5. The chromogenic complex content of Bear’s U-S-E is up to 60%! What does that mean?

Our Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract is indeed made exclusively of 100% Siberian Chaga mushroom. As any natural product Chaga has it’s chemical composition, the so called “Chromogenic Complex” which consists of many different substances (polysaccharides, betaglucans, polyphenols, flavonoids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals).

Important to know is that only wild grown Chaga mushroom contains Chromogenic Complex – a set of very beneficial humic acids and melanin which makes our Chaga so powerful. Raw Chaga possess only about 15% Chromogenic Complex, whereas good Chaga extract should have minimum 30 to 40% (concentration of chromogenic complex). OUR CHAGA ULTIMATE-SUPER-EXTRACT HAS UP TO 60%!

The higher the percentage, the more beneficial and bioavailable components* to support your bodies health are included. To help understand it easier we’d like to make this comparison: The vitamin C content of a fresh pressed raw orange juice vs. an industrial orange drink in tetra pack.

* humic acids and melanin – polysaccharides, betaglucans, polyphenols, flavonoids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

6. Where do you harvest your Chaga?

The best Siberian healing Chaga mushroom grows only in few regions of the Taiga. The areas we pick my Chaga you can read and see in a map here. These huge landscapes of the enormous Russian Taiga (bigger than Europe and North America together!) are very thinly populated and have no industries around. The lack of industries and harsh climate conditions makes my Chaga ecologocally clean and free of any contamination.

7. Is Siberian Chaga better than Chaga originated from other places?

Yes. Because the Chaga that I offer is wild grown, harvested in the vast wild and unspoiled forests of the Siberian Taiga. Siberia is known for its harsh climate and very low winter temperatures, and Siberian winters last for almost 7-8 months. The Chaga mushroom grown in such conditions aquires much more biologically active substances than Chaga harvested in other areas, let alone cultivated Chaga (marked labeled as “organic”), which is almost useless and regarding the accessible healing components not worth to consider. This has been proved by various certificates of analysis.

8. Is your Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract safe?

Yes, our Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract, taken in the recommended amounts is absolutely safe. Up to this very day there are no negative reports from customers, neither did we hear or read about any issues with adverse reactions.

In General there are no reports of negative side-effects of Chaga. Chaga is know for a positive influence on the stimulation of blood clotting: In case you have a wound and you are known to have a bad wound-healing (only than), in the days of healing the wound you might consider to stop taking Chaga.
Overall we have had only positive feedback from customers that our U-S-E actually supports wound healing.

There are also speculation that Chaga could have a negative effect on autoimmune-disease. Despite that we hear from customers with Fibromyalgia that their brain-fog has lifted, and from others with Hypothyroidism that they feel an overall strength in their stamina.

If you have any doubts whatsoever at any given moment, please do consult a medical professional before taking our product!

9. Is your Chaga tested on radioactivity?

Every harvest getting into our manufactory, before the raw Chaga and the Mumijo runs through the cleaning process, each and every single piece is tested by our laboratory on radioactivity and on heavy metals. On top of that, we do get tested regularly by very strict public health authorities.

So far, none of the tests have ever shown positive results! Thus we can guarantee that the areas we harvest our Chaga are free of radioactivity and heavy metals.

10. Why is Bear’s Ultimate-Super-Extract more expensive than Chaga powder?

In a matter of fact (looking at the percentage of accessible healing components and recommended dosages) Bearmedicine’s Chaga products are much more convenient, than any Chaga powder or simple extract.

100 g of Chaga tea powder in a herbal store costs about 1/3 of my Ultimate-Super-Extract:

a) it accesses only around 15% of the healing components whereas my U-S-E makes 100% available.

b) the recommended dosage is 2-3 full teaspoons which means 100g will last you 2-3 weeks whereas my U-S-E (60 servings!!) last you 2 month, so 4 times more!

At a closer look, it turns out that simple Chaga tea powder is in fact more expensive than my U-S-E, and at the same time having only max. 1/5 of the therapeutically relevant components!

The same counts for a simple Chaga extract, the prices is about 1/2 for 100g compared to my U-S-E, it accesses only max. 20% of available healing components and 100g last for around 4 weeks (72 g not even 3 weeks!).

Considering all these facts, at the bottom line my Ultimate-Super-Extract is much more convenient. 

Regarding the Chaga + Mumijo one need to consider, that Mumijo is a very rare product and can be gathered only under extreme human efforts and in times also with the risk of high danger (usage of crampons, ropes and other mountaineering equipment). This makes the gathering so difficult and the product so precious.

11. Is there any “fake” Chaga a/o Chaga extract on the market?

Basically there are several ways you can be offered fake or low quality Chaga a/o Chaga extract:

  • The extract can be made of fermented Chaga, not from wild grown Chaga. In this case you won’t get the real Chaga benefits (instead of 100% healing components you access max. 15%!)
  • The Extract can be made through adding some other similar in color dried mushroom. As a result the extract will have good color and high content of polysahharides but no chromogenic complex or very little. Such presumably useless extract would have perceptible mushroomy smell.
  • The Chaga mushroom can be dried and ground to a very fine powder which could be even water soluble. If added some colorants it would become quite difficult to be distinguished from my Chaga Ultimate-Super-Extract. Only the structure of the powder particles and taste can help to define whether it is the real freeze-dried extract or just ground raw Chaga. The freeze-dried Ultimate-Super-Extract  has a solid, glistening crystalls of tar in it and it doesn’t smell like a mushroom.
  • Without knowing the difference you can purchase a crushed Chaga powder thinking that this is a real Chaga extract. According to the package label this is “Chaga powder” – it doesn’t mention “extract” on the label. This is just milled Chaga powder but merchants may claim it is Chaga extract (probably just due to their ignorance on this subject).

12. Are your products vegan, gluten & GMO free?

All my products are gluten & GMO free! My pure Chaga is vegan and contains no animal products. My Chaga+Mumijo produce contains Mumijo tar, which is a few million years old fossilised honey/combs.
It is guaranteed GMO free as it is produced exclusively from wild harvested Siberian Chaga mushroom.

13. Does your Chaga products contain caffeine?

No – none of my products contain caffeine or any other types of stimulants of any kind.

14. Is Chaga mushroom hallucinogenic (psycho active)?

Nowadays many people take psycho active plant medicine and mushrooms. Chaga contains no hallucinogenic components whatsoever and is not part of the psycho active mushroom family.

My personal view on Chaga is, that due to the fact that it contains 30% human-like DNA structure, it is a “Medicine” especially for mankind, directly from Source-Creation, and as such it is able to assist on all fields, not just the physical body but also by assisting the access of disolving the nebulous shades which lay over the polluted human perception.

I have had many great reports of clients having beautiful spiritual experiences in dreams and great encounters after they have started taking my Chaga, as well as many reported, that unpleasant situations in their surroundings, connections and relationships with friends, family and colleagues began a beautiful unfolding.

15. What means your Chaga is grown wild?

My Chaga is consciously harvested and hand picked from living birch trees, growing in the vast unspoiled wilderness of the Siberian Taiga of Russia.

Cultivated Chaga you recognise by the fact, that on the label sometimes is written “organic origin”. This might sound positive in the first moment, but really it is a trick of the marketing industry! Organic in this case is not good, as organic means, yes it was cultivated without using pesticides, etc, but it is grown artificially (not of wild harvest) and so contains about 80% less accessible healing components!

Please read more about that in questions No. 4, 5, 6, 10 and 19.

16. Does the Birch tree get hurt through the harvest?

Unlike to artificially grown Chaga (labeled as “organically grown”), in our wild harvest, the fungus grows naturally without human intervention (the fungus selects the host itself).

It is natural that the tree after the outgrowt of the “Chaga infestation” dies about 20 years later. This is a natural process without human intervention!
Whether the Chaga is harvested (taken) from the tree or not, this has no influence at all to the ending of the tree’s life, it’s a law of Mother Nature.

Speculation and allegations that the more Chaga is harvested wild, the more spreads the Chaga (and kills more trees), remain only speculative; in a matter of fact, there is no scientific proof.

So, if you find articles on the internet of people reporting about the “killing” of birch trees for the sake of Chaga and human wellbeing, it is literally nonsense referring it to wild harvested Chaga, however, for artifically grown “organic labeled Chaga” it might absolutely make sense!

17. What are the different qualities of Mumijo (Shilajit)?

In the world of Mumjio, in China, India and the West commonly also known as “Shilajit”, there are many different qualities as the tar itself derives from different fossilised sources, like plants, raisin, oil, honey…

The real Mumjio of honey origin caries the highest immune-boost components, whereas “Shilajit” mainly derives from other origins, like oil and raisin are many times not even worth to mention regarding active beneficial substances to enhance the human wellbeing.

We have tested my Mumijo and compared it with Shilajit of various online sources with many different methods (such as Bio Resonance, Plasma, Reiki Masters and various dowsers) it always came back to the same results: The Mumijo I use for my Bearmedicine Ultimate-Super-Extract has an extremely high Light Vibration while almost all tested Shilajit is extremely poor in vibration; we even found most of it to be very harmful for the human light body!

However, there are also “fake” Mumijo/Shilajit products on the market. A sticky black tar, tasting and smelling exactly the same, and actually for the consumer impossible to distinguish from the real product, unless testing it in the laboratory. It sells at the same price but it is needless to say, that it doesn’t contain zero beneficial components for the human body. In a matter of fact it may contain even unhealthy components and thus it is a question of trust, where you get your Mumijo/Shilajit from.

In my Bearmedicine products I only use the highest, rarest and most powerful of all qualities, the real Siberian “Honey-Mumijo”.

18. Can I give your Chaga U-S-E to my Baby & Child?

Absolutely yes! For babies in the first months it is not necessary. However it is very beneficial for Children (especially the Chaga+Mumijo). Children tend to be exposed to a variety of health issues (Kindergarten, Schools, …) and through the Mumijo the Immune-System gets boosted naturally. Especially in these times we highly recommend it!

19. Can I give your Chaga U-S-E to my pet or animal?

Yes, please do! I’ve received a lot of great feedback from pet and animal owners over the years: horses whose wounds healed faster, dogs whose lumps and eczema disappeared “… ecc. (See customer feedback).

Dosage to be calculated by the animals weight with reference to a human dosage (base: human 75kg/165 lb).

20. How much Chaga do I take? How many servings do I get?

Due to the fact, that my Ultimate-Super-Extract is a very powerful extraction, generally very little is needed, around 5-6 times less, than the recommend amount on Chaga powder for tea.

Chaga pure & Chaga+Mumijo: Glass jars for Europe & UK & bags for US & Overseas with 60 DAILY SERVINGS (for 2 months).
Mumijo pure: Glass jar with 45 DAILY SERVINGS/90 portions (for a cure of 6+ month)

CHAGA PURE – Suggested use:

1 serving = 1 coated Bearmedicine-spoon (big side) or 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Daily before breakfast, 1 serving in min. 100 ml./3.5 fl.OZ or more fresh water (stir well!) … or add into smoothies, muesli, etc. With increased requirement use 1 to 1.5 servings up to 3 times daily. Children take 1 serving daily before breakfast and with increased requirement max. 1 serving before breakfast and dinner. Animals: Dosage to be calculated by the animals weight with reference to a adult human dosage (above mentioned dosage is based on an adult human of media 75kg/165 lb).

CHAGA+Mumijo – Suggested use:

1 serving = 1 heaped Bearmedicine-spoon (big side) or 1/3 of a teaspoon.

Daily before breakfast, 1 serving in min. 100 ml./3.5 fl.OZ or more fresh water (stir well!) … or add into smoothies, muesli, etc. With increased requirement use 1 to 1.5 servings up to 3 times daily. Children take 1 serving daily before breakfast and with increased requirement max. 1 serving before breakfast and dinner. Animals: Dosage to be calculated by the animals weight with reference to a adult human dosage (above mentioned dosage is based on an adult human of media 75kg/165 lb).

Note! 1. After 14 days taking, pause with CHAGA+Mumijo for 14 days, and take daily our CHAGA-pure in this pause. 2. After 14 days start again with CHAGA+Mumijo for another 14 days. 3. Pause again for 1 month. 4. After 1 month pause, start over again at 1. … and so forth throughout the year. In all times pausing CHAGA+Mumijo take our CHAGA-pure on a daily base as suggested above. The pauses are solely concerning the Mumijo and not the Chaga!

MUMIJO pure – Suggested use:

1 serving = 1 heaped Bearmedicine-spoon (small side) or a tip of a knife.

2 x daily 1 serving (300 mg) for 21 days, sublingually or dissolve in water. Stop for 3 months, then repeat for 21 days. Repeat cycle every 3 months. Take 2 servings/day whenever immune system is weak or when curing from fractures! Children take 1 serving daily before breakfast. Animals: Dosage to be calculated by the animals weight with reference to a adult human dosage (above mentioned dosage is based on an adult human of media 75kg/165 lb).

The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.
Keep out of reach of children.

21. How can I participate in your Affiliate Program?

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22. How can I become a Retailer / Wholesaler / Distributor of Bearmedicine?

If you have a food/health-food or supplement store, you are a hotel with SPA/Boutique, or participate regularly in Markets, you can become a Retailer of Bearmedicine.

In case you want to buy Bearmedicine as a Wholsaler or Distributor …

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23. How can I become a Bearmedicine Practitioner?

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